Slaving over a hot microphone into 2013

So after a great long chat with my next guest, I’m into editing the next episode. This editing lark can take some time. Once I’ve got the interview audio, I’ve still got to chop it up, arrange it with the interstitials and logotones, and put the intro and outro music and credits in place. I’ve often found myself hunched over the laptop way later into the night that I would prefer. I end up looking like this:
in case the Reds decide to push the button down
(based of course on this)

Pop Quiz! Can you spot the differences between this and the original? (Extra points if you can identify what the 12″ is) (extra extra points if you correctly identify the mix).

Anyway, it’ll be 2013 before I’m done, so have yourselves a great time, and I’ll be in touch next year!