UK Trip – Three Interviews

CoiledSpringUKApril2013I just got back a week ago from a trip to the Old Country – which is to say, the UK – where I met up with family and friends, and took the opportunity to record three interviews with some of them. I’m now in the process of editing the first one, and I’m doing it in the order that I recorded them. That means it may be some time before I get to the last one (sorry Andrew!)

Here’s what exciting stuff is coming up:

  • Dr James Kneale – scholar, academic, HP Lovecraft fan, geographer, doo-wop practitioner and expert, and music blogger, and cracking chap
  • Dr Mira Vogel – scholar, e-learning expert, activist, and top sort
  • Andrew Candish – actor, theatre lover, Doctor Who fan, Doctor Who expert, Doctor Who podcaster, and charming fellow (and of course the rest of the illustrious Ood Cast (minus one quarter) )

This was going to be the UK Tour 2013, but seeing as I only went to London and Bedford, it seemed a bit over the top. To be honest, even this seems a little grandiose  But that’s what you get with the Coiled Spring – overblown ideas partially carried through!

So check out the previous episodes, available to listen on the website, or subscribe via your favo(u)rite podcasting service, or via iTunes, and whet your appetite for the next three fantastic episodes of the Coiled Spring, currently in post.

Won’t you join me?