Cliches To Be Used

Progress Update Report CS-2013-07-31-A

When I used to read computer magazines in the mid-80’s they always tried to make it sound like working there was fun. They would create a fantasy world, with each columnist represented by an unflattering caricature*, and use of the term “X Towers” to refer to the offices, where X is the name of the magazine. “Crash Towers” in Ludlow was a classic example. Some even created fictional writers with complex and exotic backstories, or dressed up their own lives by pretending to be Hunter S Thompson.

I don’t need to make anyone up – I have Gordon, who is the inspiration for the title of this podcast, a kind of mascot, and he also does media post-prod and logging of interview files etc, plus some graphic design. However, from now one I will be referring to Coiled Spring Towers. I already use the term “THIS PROG” in each blog post – anyone know where that’s from? If I signed off with “Splundig Vur Thrigg”, would that make it clearer?

Coiled Spring Towers - where the "magic" happens

Coiled Spring Towers – where the “magic” happens

* By the way, if any artist out there wanted to draw an unflattering caricature of me for the podcast artwork, please get in touch. It seems to be de rigueur for podcasts to use unflattering caricatures of the presenters in their artwork. Failing that I’ll just go with newsprint-style halftoning again like I’m Mark Stewart or the Gang Of Four or something.

Anyway, I’m working on recording and editing the next episode, and this one is a doozy. Very special guest. Can’t imagine why I didn’t interview them before.

Stay hungry!