Episode 11: The Ood Cast, Doctor Who, US/UK Fandom


THIS PROG: In the third and final of the three interviews I recorded on my recent trip to The Old Country, I talk to my old theatre buddy Andrew Candish, who is a lifelong fan of Doctor Who and part of one of the most popular and long running Whovian podcasts, The Ood Cast.

I met Andrew and his Ood castmates Chris Alpha and Chris Sigma (sadly the Fourth Ood, Laura, couldn’t join us) at the National Theatre on London’s fashionable South Bank (right near the bookstalls under the bridge), and we talked Who, Trek, Wars, fans, and which were our favourite Who monsters.

I’ve been a fan off and on of the eccentric Time Lord’s adventures since the Tom Baker days, but it was great to talk to folks whose love for the show has given rise to some of the most entertaining podcasting I’ve ever heard.

Show Notes and Links

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