Progress Update Report CS-2013-10-16-A

You know how I said last time that I was in the process of editing the next episode? About that. I can’t actually find the recording I made. The darndest thing, it was on the Zoom, as a big WAV file, but now I can’t find it anywhere. Searched physically and electronically, I don’t know what happened. Blast.

Excuses, excuses. Actually more like reasons, because it’s the truth. Anyway, as luck would have it, the subject of the interview is very close to hand, so we will be able to re-record an interview. It’s been long enough that it won’t be stale.

But you will be thrilled to know that I have been experimenting with new recording techniques, and doing some out-and-about gonzo-style guerilla journalism. So as soon as I get the new interview, the FIRST BIRTHDAY EPISODE of THE COILED SPRING will be out of the door. Or maybe I’ll do a quick mini-episode? At the very least I need to start finding new guests. I have a short list of people I want to chat with – you know who you are for the most part.

In related news, I’ve been using the San Francisco Bay Area Bike Share service. I wrote about it at length here, and thanks to that and comments elsewhere on SF.StreetsBlog and so on, a journalist by the name of Lauren Goode contacted me and asked if I wanted to be interviewed about it. We met up, took some snaps and recorded some bits, and the results are up here. She recorded me using her iPhone, and it came out very well. That gave me an idea…

I mentioned to Lauren that I did this podcast, and suggested she take a listen. She did so, and said, and I quote,

“You have a great voice for podcasts.”

And a face for radio? I’ll let you decide.

Squished briefcase