Progress Update Report CS-2014-05-27-A

I have received tragic reports that some listeners have missed new episodes and news items when they are released. To try and make sure that everyone can benefit from the healing, soothing properties of The Coiled Spring, I’ve added an email subscription service. Just enter your email address in the subscription box on the right, hit ‘Subscribe’, and wait for a confirmation email to arrive. Then confirm your subscription, and you’ll get every new episode and news item as soon as it’s released.

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Progress Update Report CS-2014-05-26-A

NEWS NEWS NEWS: I took advantage of a nice extended Memorial Day weekend to record sets of interviews with two improv friends, Peter Robinson and Dominique Millette. It was going to be just Peter, but seeing as Dominique is making the move to Portland OR, I had to grab the chance to record her improv magic to wax cylinder for posterity.

That means there are two episodes in post-production now, so they will be out in sequence pretty soon. The interviews covered supernatural surrogate testing for the 3%, two-dimensional food, literal transubstantiation, innovative aquatic dog-sled racing, and an English rap mogul with a range of hip-hop fox hunting gear. Keep watching the skies.

I also added another entry to the list of tools I use. The Random Name Generator at the name etymology website Behind The Name allows you to select what language and genre of name you want to create, and then it randomly generates as many silly or serious names as you need. Great for scripts, improvisation and the like!

Episode 12: Probe Series 1 – Tim Shores

cd episode 12 probe series 1 - Tim Shores

THIS PROG: The Coiled Spring Returns! In the first of a new series of episode of chiastic improvised interviews, my guest is local improv practitioner and father-to-be, Tim Shores.

We are joined by two interviewers who wield the tools of their trade at two interviewees.

In the first of two interviews, Homer Winslow hears from composer Jeffrey Peabody about his new musical piece based on the music of the very distant spheres. The conversation covers Soviet scientific endeavors, cerebral recordings and the vagaries of the baton.

In the second interview, Kieran Granger has as his guest the explorer and friend of the avians Kenneth Isaacson, who wants to share possibly the most incredible discovery since Lemuria in 2011. Our new friends have an offer that may save us all!

Don’t forget to leave feedback on what you think of our new direction.

It’s good to be back.

Coiled Spring Episode 012: Probe Series 1 – Tim Shores by The Coiled Spring on Mixcloud