Back Catalogue On Mixcloud, New Episodes Soon

All of the first 14 episodes are now up on Mixcloud, and they’re arranged in a playlist so you can sit and listen to the whole thing in one go if you want. Listen on Mixlcloud or below:

The Coiled Spring: All Episodes by The Coiled Spring on Mixcloud

That there is nearly 12 hours of handcrafted artisanal podcasting quality. No ads for credit cards, DRM-infested audiobooks, or web hosting companies. No breaks to hear from our sponsors. No awkward segues into commercial considerations. Just pure homegrown labour-of-love, made just by me just for you. All free – although if you did want to drop some coins in the tip jar, I won’t stop you. Listen, enjoy, remember, and prepare for Phase 3.

It’s been a long time coming, but recent events have spurred me on to do another round of interviews and episodes. I put out a request for people to ask questions about life in the United Arab Emirates, which I would then do my best to answer in a charming and hopefully non-deportable way. I got a bunch from my old improv buddies, so they’ll be up very soon. I would love to answer any more questions you have. Head on over here, ask your question, and I’ll cover it in an upcoming episode.

I’ve been playing around with new streamlined ways of producing the podcast, detailed in my post about command line tools. The idea there is to make it much easier to quickly throw together episodes without hours of editing and fiddling and procrastination.

So with new tools, new Mixcloud account, new questions and new experiences to talk about, The Coiled Spring will be making its return very soon.