Episode 15: UAE Questions

In this, the first episode of Phase 3 of the Coiled Spring, I answer a few questions about life in the UAE that people sent me in response to my request a while back. I’m assisted for some of the more sensitive issues by my local expert on ex-pat life (and beloved wife) Cassie Destino.

This episode was created using the new script technique described here. Once the new recordings have been trimmed to length, I run the script, provide the episode number and title, and it creates the graphics, processes the audio, and creates a tagged MP3 file ready for upload. It’s much more streamlined, and should mean that new episodes should be quicker to produce in future. It’s good to be back. I’ve got more interviews lined up, both in the UAE and the UK, and now the technical workflow is more streamlined, it should be a more regular thing. We’ll see.

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Coiled Spring Episode 15: UAE Questions with Cassie Destino by The Coiled Spring on Mixcloud