Episode 16: Both Bars On EGM

CS_Ep_16_Cover_Art_FinalThis episode features the first of several interviews I recorded on my recent trip to the Old Country. It’s like a second go at the Home Counties tour of 2013.

I’ve recently started writing reviews for the music blog Both Bars On, so on this trip I took the opportunity to travel to Manchester and attend the first Extraordinary General Meeting of the entire editorial staff. That is to say, I sat in the back yard of a pub in Manchester’s fashionable Northern Quarter (an area I missed completely when I attended Manchester Poly, 25 years and a lifetime ago), with the founders, James Kneale and Bon Holloway, and the new writers, Pete Collins and me. We talk music, what is it, where is it, why is it, does it have to be and what can we do about it.

Technical note – there was some ambient noise in the location, which I’ve filtered out as best I can. There may be some strange audio artefacts a result of that. Then again ambient noise and strange audio artefacts are kind of the blogs whole scene. Anyway, hop you enjoy it. I certainly did after the third pint.

Coiled Spring Episode 16 – Both Bars On Extraordinary General Meeting by The Coiled Spring on Mixcloud