RSS Feed Update

Some folks reported that the new episodes weren’t showing up in iTunes. This may be to do with them all being on Mixcloud now, rather than on my own website.

I’ve grabbed a new RSS feed from Mixcloud using this tool someone set up, and I’ve refreshed the information on iTunes. It said it would take 24 hours to refresh in the iTunes Store, so here’s hoping.

In the meantime, you can listen and download directly on Mixcloud.

Episode 17: Nick Jones, Artist/Mofite

CS_Episode_17_Cover_Art_FinalThis episode features the second of several interviews I recorded on my recent trip to the Old Country. It’s like a second go at the Home Counties tour of 2013.

Nick Jones is an artist, Liverpudlian, and member of several disreputable online communities (which is how I met him). I joined him in a pub off Oxford Street in fashionable London (just round the corner from the Primark), and we talked art, attribution, music, “guilty” pleasures, the wheel of history

Technical Note/Excuse: because this was recorded in a pub, there is a certain amount of background hustle and bustle. It adds to the atmosphere.

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