Episode 18: Flange Circus / Zirkus

This episode features the third of several interviews I recorded on my recent trip to the Old Country. It’s like a second go at the Home Counties tour of 2013.


Flange Circus are a Manchester-based band, describing themselves in their Bandcamp tags as “experimental drones electronic music electronica glitch kraut krautrock post-punk post-rock progressive psychedelic rock space rock Manchester”. I met half of the band, Bon Holloway (Guitars, Keyboards, Programming) and Pete Collins (Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals) in Manchester to talk about music, Flange Circus’s music, the music of FC’s spinoff, Zirkus, growing up with bands, the usual.

Newsflash: Bon says, “The album is being written and recorded, and we are fecund in our ideas and diligent with our work rate. Not title as of yet and no release date.”

I was lucky to be able to meet the two members of “experimental doom drone electronic experimental electronic glitch Manchester” combo Zirkus at the same time. ABB (Synths, Machines & Programming) and Pierre (Synths, Machines & Bass) are infamously reclusive, but they emerged from their podules to talk “good noise”.

In common with last episode, this was recorded in the back room of a pub, so you’re getting atmosphere again. You love it.

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