Episode 20: Barry Stroup, Nuke Man


This episode I’m very pleased to present a chat with the delightful Barry Stroup, who’s an experienced nuclear technician and trainer, and also a lovely guy who was a great help to us when the babies first arrived.

We talked about how he got into nuclear, his time in the navy, his background in the south, and of course, the effects of Chernobyl.

Episode 19: Francois Gamaury

This episode features another of several interviews I recorded on my recent trip to the Old Country. It’s like a second go at the Home Counties tour of 2013.


Musician Francois Gamaury, better known as Franz Kirmann, has been creating electronic soundtracks for our inner movies since 2007. He’s also part of Piano Interrupted, with Tom Hodge. Their new album, ‘Landscapes of the Unfinished’ has just been released on Denovali Records.

I met Francois in his studio in Battersea, where he showed me some of his new toys. The fact the room was soundproofed would lead you to think the sound quality would be better.


And 37th in the Mixcloud Interview Chart is … The Coiled Spring

*Music swells as he walks up to the stage, shaking hands and hugging people as he goes*

“Wow. This is… this is such an honour. Not to mention a surprise! This represents such a validation of what we’ve been trying to do, that it means so much more. The Coiled Spring is not just a podcast, but a labour of love, an outlet, a valve, a forum, a mouthpiece, a soapbox. One could say it has a lot of potential!

“Seriously though. I want to thank the makers of the free and open source software that makes the creation process so smooth and enjoyable, the guests for agreeing to be grist for my little independent mill, but most of all, the listeners. You are the people who make this all possible, and worthwhile.

“There are so many independently-produced podcasts out there. The big commercial podcasts, with their high budgets and production values, professional presenters, merry-go-round of big-name guests, sponsored by credit cards and DRM-infested audiobooks, they provide entertainment, yes. But for hand-crafted personally-inspired listening, you can’t go wrong with an indie.”

*Music starts playing over speech, as usher approaches to encourage him off*

“So I’d just like to say thank you to my wonderful wife Cassie, who’s been so supportive and indulgent of this project, and finally to my beautiful children, Edith and Arthur. You are my world and my life, and it’s past your bedtime! Thank you!”