How It’s Made

Tools used

JobToolTypeCostIn use
Audio Creation and ManipulationSoXSW CLIFOSSYes
Audio Creation and ManipulationmhWaveEditSW GUIFOSSMuch simpler than Audacity, but much more stable. I don't need as many features now.
Audio Creation and ManipulationAudacitySW GUIFOSSNo more, freezes and crashes all the time
Audio RecordingZoom H4N digital sound recorderHW$299 a couple of years ago. We bought it for my wife Cassie's filmmaking.Yes
Audio RecordingAudio Recorder (allows recording of both sides of a Skype conversation or a Google+ Hangout)SW GUIFOSSDisappeared after an upgrade - need to try and reinstall
Graphic Creation and ManipulationImageMagickSW CLIFOSSYes
Graphic Creation and ManipulationGIMPSW GUIFOSSYes, sometimes
Graphic Creation and ManipulationInkscapeSW GUIFOSSYes, sometimes
Hosting and DomainICDHostWebUsual hosting costs. They've been great.Yes
LaptopSystem76 Lemur UltraHW$1000 fully spec'dYes
Laptop Operating SystemUbuntuOSFOSSYes, 16.04.01
MP3 file taggingeyeD3SW CLIFOSSYes
MP3 file taggingEasyTAGSW GUIFOSSNot now with the auto script
Publishing (cloud)MixcloudWebFree for limited use, $15/m or $135/y for ProYes
Publishing (self)WordPress + PodPress pluginWebFOSSNo more - I got all mixed up about hosting and costs and feeds. Mixcloud is simpler.
Random Name GeneratorBehind The NameWebFree on webNo more, this was just for the improv stuff.
Remote InterviewsSkype or Google+ HangoutWebFree, with hidden costs of privacy, advertising etc.Not really
Speech synthesisFliteSW CLINot as flexible as espeak, but better voice. Also espeak broke after an upgrade.Yes
Speech synthesisespeak speech synthesis engineSW CLIFOSSNo more - broke after upgrade
Speech synthesisgespeaker GUISW GUIFOSSNot now with the auto script

Technical Tips and Issues