Audacity Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some keyboard shortcuts that I find useful when editing in Audacity.

Keyboard ShortcutFunctionDescription
SpaceStart / Stop playback
F5Switch to Move clip toolThis tool allows you to shift a block forward or back, and to a different track
F1Switch to Selection toolThis tool lets you select a chunk of a track, or just click in a track.
ZFind zero crossingShifts selection point to where the sound wave crosses the zero point. This prevents clicking sounds when selections are cut and pasted.
Ctrl+SSave ProjectDo this often
Alt-T, O, NTrack Menu, Sort, By Name I name the tracks with numbers so that I can sort them by name. Makes dealing with lots of little bits easier. I remember "ALTON".
Ctrl+DDuplicate Selectioncopies current selection to a new track
Ctrl+ISplit TrackEasy way to delete a big chunk: Select where to cut, hit Z, then Ctrl+I, then double-click in the new chunk and hit Delete
Shift+JSelect from Playback Position to start of trackUse with Z to chop bits off
Shift+KSelect from Playback Position to end of trackUse with Z to chop bits off